Finding out what's wrong



Heart disease is often associated with elderly dogs and cats, but some specific conditions can affect younger animals.

Having a definitive diagnosis of your animal’s heart condition is very important in achieving a correct treatment plan.

Cardiology investigations involve radiography (x-rays) electrocardiography (ECG) and ultrasonography. These techniques are non-invasive and performed regularly by our experienced team.


Periodontal disease (inflammation and gum disease) can lead to dental abscesses and tooth loss.

We have state of the art dental imaging equipment to assess fully the extent of dental disease present in your pet and to assist us in achieving the best possible result post surgery.

Elderly patients with dental disease fall into a higher risk category for anaesthesia and will require some preoperative blood samples before proceeding to surgery.

Our team will be happy to discuss any concerns you may have with dental procedures your pet may require.



All of our radiography units across a number of our practices are state of the art. Most patients will require sedation or full general anaesthesia to obtain diagnostic images.



Ultrasound examination look at soft tissue areas of the body. They are used for pregnancy diagnosis, echocardiography and abdominal examinations.



Used primarily for foreign body removal and examination of the upper airway.

24 Hour Emergencies

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