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A puppy should have its first vaccination at 8 weeks of age and a kitten at 9 weeks of age. They will then need another vaccination at 12 weeks of age.

This depends on which product you use. We have a range of treatments for flea and worming that last from 1 to 3 months.

We recommend that your dog has their kennel cough vaccine at least two weeks before they go into kennels. It is always best to contact the kennels where your dog is staying, to ask what time frame they require as every establishment is different.

We can neuter cats from five months old. We always recommend that the vet checks them over first if they have not seen the cat before. This is to ensure that they are fit and healthy.

Male dogs can be neutered from six months of age depending on their size and breed. Female dogs can be neutered at six months of age before they come in to season or three months after a season.

Yes we run an out of hours service with our own vets to ensure consistency for you and your pet. If you have an emergency after we close then you just need to call our normal number. Just to make you aware that there will be a charge for using the out of hours service.

For cats we stock

Purevax RCP FeLV  
Purevax RCP
Nobivac Rabies
For dogs we stock

Canigen DHPPi & L2
Canigen DHPPi & L4
Eurican DHPPiL
Vanguard 7
Canigen KC (Kennel Cough)
Nobivac Rabies
Eurican Herpes

For rabbits we stock

Myxo RHD
Myxo RHD2
Myxo RHD+

We are also able to order in other vaccinations at your request, with prior notice.

24 Hour Emergencies

In times of emergency please call the number below and someone will be available to take your call.

Call: 01673 842 448